Vasteras: Glamour EP

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Vasteras: Glamour EP


Artist: Vasteras
Title: Glamour EP
Genre: Brit-pop/Alternative Rock/Indie Rock

01. Glamour
02. The Shop
03. Yard
04. Paranoia
05. Touch Me

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Band Description:
We are the group of absolutely four different people of the city of Yaroslavl, and we are doing one common serious work under the name Vasteras. Lyrics contain laughter, fun, grief, mockery, absurdity, idiocy - you will find all these elements in our songs. We don't want to be identified in any certain style, and we will turn it out. As it manages - to be judged already precisely by you all our listeners. Our songs aren't enclosing a message to something, everyone finds the reasonable meaning if there is a will to find out it.

Album Description:
This is the 2nd EP from Vasteras. Mizou and the rest of the world had to wait about three years from the previous EP. We are able to hear the more solid sound of the band in this brand new release.
Very crispy five new songs have been recorded. There is no significant change in the characteristics of the aggressive pop music of Vasteras. The phrasing of the guitar and vocal melodies increased more mature taste. Rhythm section works strictly for the music that are tighten and skillfully.
So vivid authentic rock sound from Russian ancient city Yaroslavl. This will give a little impact to the good rock music listeners of world wide.

Produced by Vasteras
Mix & Mastering by Denis
Artwork by Denis

Band members:
Denis - Guitar
Alex - Bass
Nastia - Vox
Slava - Drums


(L→R) Slava, Nastia, Alex, Denis

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Vasteras: Glamour EP
Mizou MZ013

Vasteras is one of the band that have had the most rock 'n' roll right now. We do not know what is the certain meaning to having the rock 'n' roll in this 21st century world. However, to have the rock 'n' roll would have been required any meaning or something. In any time of the era, to rock 'n' roll was only to rock 'n' roll without having any purpose. It has changed nothing from the origins of rock 'n' roll until now.

Vasteras is a band to rock strongly in instinct. They do not care about the quality of style, nor saving the appearance. As sobering four young man/woman of Yaroslavl, they sing their song and play their rock music. You do will understand, currently this is the most rock 'n' roll-esque activity. Would you think to rock 'n' roll is mostly outdated? If you listen to the Vasteras, it will be answered to the questions for the present rock 'n' roll immediately and surely appreciated.

The sound of Vasteras has a very aggressive pop taste. Its flesh is one in which have followed the texture of fresh expressions that learned from Brit pop of the nineties. Nothing is novelty at here. But, it's enough groovy and melodic pop rock. We wonder this just have all needing elements already. Is it still missing something?

This glamorous EP may give just a little impact to the world. Vasteras is trying to quest new phase with this Glamour EP.

Supervised by Masaru Ando






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